Thăm Quan Trụ Sở Pagani Tại Nhà!

Thăm Quan Trụ Sở Pagani Tại Nhà!

Always wanted to visit the Pagani factory but didn't had the chance yet? No problem! Google was lucky enough to get in with all their equipment and they captured the entire factory. That's a great solutions for those who weren't able to go their in person yet. You can now take a closer look at the Pagani factory from home!

You can see a lot in the factory. From a Zonda Cinque Roadster to a Huayra. Unfortunately we can't take a closer look behind the doors of the real workplace. Google wasn't welcome in this part probably because of the sensible and secret information you can find behind these doors. Besides that it's great to be able to see this on Streetview!

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Pagani fabriek nu vanaf je luie stoel te bekijken

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