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Spotter meb_instacar car_spotting_liguria
Bắt gặp ở Portofino, Italy
Ngày 2019-05-14 21:23

First Huracan EVO ever spotted (combo with Aventador S in pic 2, both given in trial to future owners to take a trip around Italy), amazing in white! Personally I think it is the coolest version of the Huracan and I hope to see more of these soon, maybe in other colours! What do you think about car and pictures?

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  1. Profile pic
    Lange  -  Vào lúc 21:30

    Great looking car. Looks alot more aggressive now

  2. Profile pic
    JCS_carphotography  -  Vào lúc 21:56

    Love it!

  3. Profile pic
    abucarphotography  -  Vào lúc 22:05

    Wow, incredible spot!

  4. Profile pic
    holmes  -  Vào lúc 22:39

    a lot better looking than the old lambo huracan!

  5. Profile pic
    Piszczu  -  Vào lúc 23:21

    White beast!

  6. Profile pic
    hardstyler  -  Vào lúc 23:56

    Awesome find! Can't form a proper opinion by the photos. Looks like it's a bit too much.

  7. Profile pic
    SaladMaster  -  Vào lúc 09:52

    Sztos spot

  8. Profile pic
    Chieltje  -  Vào lúc 14:41

    Great spot Benny! Nice pics!

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    MF Autospotting  -  Vào lúc 19:23

    Insane find!!!

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    Gsp.cars_  -  Vào lúc 21:02


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    Nikola Mijailović  -  Vào lúc 21:10

    Awesome spot and pics!!

  12. Profile pic
    AndyOne77  -  Vào lúc 21:42

    Nice !!!

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    PcArzenal  -  Vào lúc 19:56


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